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Text2VIP is proud to be the official SMS marketing software for some of the world’s favorite brands. Check out how we can elevate your brand like we have for our clients.

What Our Clients Say About Us:


Text2VIP has been a tremendous resource to our company. They are 100% reliable, and genuinely committed to working with us to make our Chick-fil-A texting program successful. They have impressed me repeatedly with their above-and-beyond efforts to stay tuned in to our mobile campaign, and what works for us. Having seen the service they provide, we wouldn’t consider anyone else.

— Dave Bonner      CHICK-FIL-A

We’ve been working with Text2VIP since 2011, and their SMS marketing service has been really useful. We’ll send out a blast, and often it brings a crowd to our 9 Moe’s locations; sometimes with redemptions reaching up to 25-30%!


We’ve been using Text2VIP at our 32 Hardees locations for 3 years now. I’ve found Text2VIP’s SMS Marketing program extremely helpful in staying in contact with my customers and sparking traffic with every text we send out. Our support team at Text2VIP has repeatedly given us great guidance and I would recommend them to anyone!

— Michael M      HARDEES

SMS Marketing Software for Restaurants

Having your customers read your messages at the exact moment you want them to is a powerful skill. Our text marketing service lets you harness that power.

Want to reach your customers just as they’re starting to think about dinner plans? Do it. Want to send last minute lunch or dinner specials or send personalized text promotions to repeat customers? Do that, too!

With Text2VIP you can schedule restaurant text messages to go out at specific times or in an instant. Segment specific groups of guests to tailor or test promotion ideas.

Text2VIP is proud to be the preferred SMS provider for Tropical Smoothie Cafe. Thousands of Tropical Smoothie Cafe Text Club campaigns have been sent from the Text2VIP platform, driving thousands of purchases.

Text Message Marketing for Retail

Supercharge your retail marketing efforts with text message marketing. Our tools equip retailers with the ability to increase customer engagement and drive sales. Text2VIP helps keep your business top of mind with customers well after they’ve left your store.

When Walgreens partnered with Beats by Dr. Dre and Skinny Water to conduct a Text2Win Contest, Text2VIP was proud to be their text marketing provider of choice. Our best-in-class SMS and MMS marketing campaigns allow retailers like yours to drive customers, increase transactions, and boost sales.

Text Marketing Campaigns for E-Commerce

With so many retailers moving online, and customers constantly getting bombarded with ads, you need to set yourself apart. Cut through the noise with a marketing channel with 98% open rates. Text marketing allows you to show up in your customers most valued inbox.

Considered one of the fastest growing online junior’s retailers in the country, Red Dress Boutique is considered one of the fastest growing online junior retailers in the country. The ecommerce growth machine already knew how to harness the power of social media before they found Text2VIP. When they added SMS marketing to their toolkit, results really took off.

After consulting with Text2VIP and launching their VIP Text Club, the online boutique’s website visitors were offered a one-time instant coupon for joining, by texting the word DRESS. Within months, The Red Dress Boutique Text Club acquired an astounding 100,000 text club members!

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SMS marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business and stay in contact with your customers. As the preferred SMS marketing provider to thousands of businesses since 2009, you stand to benefit from our text marketing expertise.