Text Message Marketing for Real Estate

Communication is key to success in a real estate career. Get ahead and stay in touch using SMS lead generation for real estate.

Text marketing might seem complicated, but it’s one of the easiest, high impact marketing channels you can utilize in real estate. SMS marketing gives agents and brokers a critical channel to communicate with prospective buyers, identify leads and increase sales.

SMS Marketing & Selling Homes

In real estate, everything is time-sensitive, and requires fast, effective communication. If an agent waits for a buyer to check their emails, the buyer may lose the opportunity on a new listing. Using SMS allows agents to provide updates to buyers and sellers immediately and get faster responses.

Text messaging as a whole has an open rate of 98%, with 93% of those messages being read within 3 minutes of receipt! Agents using Text2VIP’s text messaging software have reported an 87% reply rate to their weekly real estate market updates and high response rates from their contacts.

How to Use Real Estate Texting Services


Getting started using texting for your real estate career is easy. First, pick a keyword. It should be unique to you and your business. This keyword is what people will use to opt-in to your text alerts. The keyword should be simple like your last name or business name. You’ll ask your prospects to text this keyword to a dedicated toll free number provided by Text2VIP.

Example: Let’s say you’re an agent under another company’s umbrella, and you want to automatically notify all of your potential prospects of any new listings you receive. Say your last name is Davis. You can reserve the keyword Davis to use with your clients. Interested leads could text ‘Davis’ to your toll free number to instantly receive updates, new listings, or new information. You can share this invite during an open house, a sit down meeting, and on your website.

Auto Reply

After texting your keyword to the toll free number, new users will immediately receive an auto-reply text message confirming their subscription. You may now start sending new updates to this new contact and any other opt-ins on the list.

How Does SMS Marketing Help My Business?

There’s a number of creative ways to use text message marketing for real estate agencies, but the main focus will likely be lead generation. Your main goal with SMS would be to get as many people on your list as possible. 

For example, you just got a new listing in the new, hip neighborhood in town. You want to maximize your reach without being present. You know tons of people are driving by, and many won’t have time to stop for more info. Add a message like “Text ‘Davis’ to 1-888-848-2468 for more information about this beautiful home” and watch as your list grows and grows. You now have a list to market your new listings to.

Schedule Reminders to Increase Attendance at an Upcoming Open House

Most real estate agents have faced this scenario. Maybe you have, too. You receive a hot, new listing and schedule an open house for the following weekend. You’re very excited at the prospect of selling this new home, only for the weekend to come, and foot traffic is less than stellar. Enter Text2VIP.

With more new homes hitting the market everyday, you need your listing to be top of mind. Scheduling reminders with our text messaging platform is the easiest way to increase attendance at your next open house. Get more prospects viewing your listings overnight.

Track the engagement of links you’ve sent to prospects in a text message.

Another great feature of our platform is the ability to check analytics and track engagement of links sent to prospects. Not getting many clicks on a certain house? Maybe it’s time to refresh the listing or try sharing new homes. Or, maybe certain users are clicking on homes in certain zip codes. Start sharing similar homes that have high click through rates. Engagement tracking empowers you with real data to impact your marketing efforts.

Send Images and Videos to better promote your property listings

SMS marketing is an amazing way to get extremely high engagement with potential leads. Share beautiful photos and impressive videos of new properties to drive more traffic. Prospects love pictures and videos. And, it’s never been easier to get high quality listings in front of new buyers. 

The Versatility of Text Messages

Our Text2VIP platform sets itself apart with the ability to use multiple keywords in each of our plans. Many realtors who use our platform customize their plan specifically to their agency’s needs.

Additionally, Text2VIP provides the ability to easily modify and edit your own list of keywords.  This practice is especially useful for realtors as it allows them to customize their keywords to the target property.

Example: The For Sale sign for a home being sold at 123 Maple Street might use a keyword such as 123Maple. This is contextual and easy to remember. When a prospective buyer sees the call to action and texts the keyword, they can immediately receive a response message(s) which includes the listing agent’s contact info, a summary of the listing, images of the interior, and links to the MLS listing.  

As soon as that property is sold, the realtor can re-purpose the keyword at no additional cost and modify it to be 555Main for a new listing at 555 Main St.

Furthermore, one of the coolest features which set the Text2VIP platform apart is that an agent can elect for this to trigger a text and/or e-mail to them notifying that they have just received interest from a new prospect!

As an extension of the lead generation identification, the keyword campaign can also be set up to ask the prospect to reply with their first, last name and email.  Allowing the real estate professional to connect with the prospect in a warm and personal way versus only having a phone number to follow up with.


Your free trial includes a keyword and 50 messages. No credit card is required and there are no contracts. Get started today or contact us at 888-813-8398 or by using the chat on this webpage.