How It Works

Choose your SMS Keyword

Select the keyword people will text to opt-in to receive your text messages.

Grow your mass text messaging list

Build out your text message marketing list to expand your audience and grow your brand.

Send out your text blasts!

Craft your messages, and send to all your subscribers.

01 Choose your SMS Keyword

An SMS Keyword is what people text to a toll-free number to opt-in to receive sms text messages, or mms marketing like pictures, and videos from your business. It’s unique to your business or organization. With Text2VIP, you can have multiple text keywords and multiple phone lists as well as unlimited contacts.

When someone texts your personalized sms keyword to your toll-free number, they’ll get an instant response back that you can easily customize. These messages are considered “auto-replies”. Our team at Text2VIP will give you guidance on what has shown to be the most effective opt-in campaign elements.

02 Grow your mass text messaging list

In addition to receiving your customized auto-response, when someone texts your keyword, they’ll also be added to your text message marketing list.

Many businesses will offer a one-time offer as an incentive to build their subscriber lists. Utilizing a web sign up form is another way to collect subscribers. You’ve likely seen web opt-in examples on websites where e-mail newsletter sign up fields are displayed. The Text2VIP platform takes the hassle out of creating the opt-in form with our text marketing opt-in form builder, so you don’t even need to know how to code.

Next you should promote your sms keyword to let people know how they can join. You can create flyers, post info on your website, social media, and ask your customers and clients face to face.

The larger your mass texting list gets, the more powerful and effective it will become!

03 Send out your text blasts!

Now for the best part! Whether you want to announce new product arrivals, sell through some outdated inventory with a flash sale, or fill seats in your restaurant it only takes seconds to create and send your text message blast on the Text2VIP platform.

Maybe you want to spark customer activity or you need to get the word out about an event or promotion, just log in to your Text2VIP account and send a text blast out to your list of subscribers. They’ll receive it instantly!

When customers receive your texts, videos and picture messages, your business will be front-of-mind.

Customers benefit from SMS & MMS marketing because they gain instant access to offers and alerts. Statistics show that 95% of SMS messages are viewed within 5 minutes of being received!

Text message marketing works for many reasons...

One of those reasons is that almost everyone has a  mobile phone and keeps it within an arm’s reach at any point throughout the day! 90% of all texts are also read within the first 5 minutes. If you stop and think about it, that’s incredibly powerful all by itself.

SMS marketing is also permission-based. You’re only communicating to a highly targeted group of people who really care about your business and what it has to say! It’s also the fastest way to put coupons and special offers into the hands of your customers. With how cost-effective text message marketing is, it’s pretty much a no brainer!

When compared to other stale marketing methods such as e-mail, direct mail, text message marketing rises above all of the clutter and captures the attention of consumers instantly.  Don’t take our word for it, see how many unread e-mail messages you have and then take a look at the number of unread text messages you have!

Still have questions about how Text Marketing Works?

The Text2VIP Support Team is available 7 days a week.  Simply call us at 888-813-8398 or use the chat icon right on this screen. You can also sign up for a 14 day free trial with no credit card required.