Text Message Marketing for Retail, E-Commerce, and Boutiques

Retail Texting Service

For business owners it can be a constant quest to find new customers but also to increase the visit and purchase frequency by existing customers.
But how can retail business owners send follow up communications with customers who have shopped in the past? Enter SMS Marketing.

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Retail Text Message Marketing Uses

Loyalty Programs

Create a sense of belonging and VIP treatment for your loyal customers with exclusive benefits, offers, and sales.

New Product Alerts

Alert your customers when new products arrive, when an item is back in stock or when they are almost gone!

Promote Events

Send out event invites, reminders and up-to-date information about special events and promotions.

Special Mobile Offers

Send out mobile exclusive offers with bigger rewards for those signed up for your SMS campaigns.

Request Product Reviews

After your customers purchase items, send them a quick text to ask for a review of the product.

Text Delivery Notifications

Sending delivery notifications for your customer orders keep them in the loop of when their goods will arrive.

Contests, Discount Coupons, Announcements

When Walgreens partnered with Beats by Dr. Dre and Skinny Water to conduct a Text2Win Contest, Text2VIP was proud to be their SMS Marketing services provider of choice. Our amazing Mobile Phone Marketing campaigns allow retailers to dr ive customers and increase their sales. SMS Marketing for retail is successfully increasing the monthly revenue, you can send discount coupons and can announce sales.

One-Time Instant Coupon Upon Joining

Considered one of the fastest growing online junior’s retailers in the country, Red Dress Boutique was already an e-commerce leader when it came to harnessing the power of social media.

After consulting with Text2VIP and launching their VIP Text Club, visitors to www.reddressboutique.com were offered a one-time instant coupon for joining, by texting the word DRESS to the number 81680. Within months, The Red Dress Boutique Text Club acquired an eye-popping 70,000 members!

Grow Your Business with SMS Marketing

  • Increased Site Traffic
  • Increased Offer Redemption
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Increased Customer Engagement

What do these benefits have in common? Every single one increases revenue.

As mentioned, one of the keys for developing a successful text marketing campaign for your retail store, is leveraging every possible tool to build and grow your database of opted-in subscribers.  Some recommended ways to accomplish this:

  • Post a text club call to action close to the POS system.  In today’s world, everyone loves and expects immediate gratification.  Seeing a call to action graphic such as the one provided in the photo will spark immediate interest and most often, participation.
  • Send out an e-mail blast with instructions on how to join the text club.
  • Post a text to join graphic on your retail store’s social media pages.
  • Instruct staff to verbally promote your store’s text club.  They can’t join if they aren’t aware.

One often overlooked benefit of retail stores using text marketing is the ability to request store and product reviews.  With Text2VIP’s Polling Campaign you can send an SMS to your subscriber lists asking them to reply with their recent product or customer service experience or include a link for them to easily post on their own.

With most text message marketing retail campaigns would end there. However, one of the special features of the Text2VIP platform includes the ability to send and receive SMS and MMS on a one-off basis from consumers.  This two way conversation takes place like a normal SMS conversation, however, the messages you receive and send are all from a toll-free number, never revealing the business owners’ personal number.

Boost your sales by getting started with SMS Marketing Today!

Text2VIP’s Mobile Text message marketing software can boost your guest count, sales, and bottom line. SMS marketing is one of the best ways to promote your company and keep in contact with clients. As the Mobile Marketing platform provider to thousands of businesses since 2009, you will benefit from our experience.