Frequently Asked Questions

A collection of the questions we get asked most frequently, to help you get the most out of Text2VIP.

SMS messages are 1 credit each. So, for example, to send 1 SMS message to 500 subscribers 4 times a month, you would need 2,000 credits for that month. MMS messages are 4 credits each, so you would need 6,000 credits for the same volume and frequency.

Remaining plan credits rollover for as long as your account is open.

All incoming SMS messages are free! Incoming messages with photos or other media attached (MMS) cost 1 credit each.

Absolutely not. Our pricing is straightforward. We don’t believe in contracts or unnecessary fees.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade at any time from the billing page in your account.

Yes! You can save 20% when you pay for a year up front! Plus, you receive all message credits for the year immediately.

No, we don’t limit how many lists or contacts you can have.

SMS is limited to 160 characters and costs 1 credit each. MMS allows up to 500 characters, plus a picture or video, and costs 4 credits each.

We start all accounts with a free dedicated number capable of sending texts to large groups or having 2-way conversations. This number is all yours! You won’t share it with anyone.

Our services are available in the United States.

All plans come with access to our developer API. Contact us for more info and documentation.

We offer discounts to qualified churches, nonprofits and tax-exempt organizations. Contact us for details.