Text Marketing Features of Our SMS Software

What We Offer

Text2VIP provides best-in-class text marketing via our SMS platform. Whether you run a clothing boutique, restaurant, e-commerce site, church, or non-profit, our SMS software has everything you need for comprehensive SMS marketing outreach, customer followup, and data analytics.

Keep reading and check out all the great SMS marketing and customer service features that you can get with a free trial of Text2VIP or find out more about how text message marketing works.

2 Way Messaging

Respond to questions, provide customer service, receive pictures & videos from your customers with your products or wearing your garments.

Import Contacts

Already have a list of opted-in text marketing contacts? Easily import your contacts into your new Text2VIP SMS software account.

Drip Text Marketing Campaigns

Set your text marketing campaign up for success with our built in Drip Campaign Feature. Create message flows designed to send auto follow up messages based upon the consumer’s past visitation and purchasing behavior.

Send Messages from Phone

Internet down? Can’t get to your computer? No worries! With Text2VIP’s Send-from-Phone feature, you can notify customers, congregants, and staff members directly from your mobile device.

Link Tracking

Use Text2VIP’s built in link shortener to save characters as well as measure and track your click thru rates for each bulk messaging campaign.

Rollover Credits

Unused text message credits NEVER expire as long as your Text2VIP account is open. Beware of SMS platforms whose credits ‘expire’ after the following month, or don’t rollover whatsoever.

Send Picture & Video Messages

With MMS messaging, your brand can send pictures & videos along with extended character message fields and BOLD subject lines

SMS Message Scheduler

Send your SMS message instantly or choose to have it sent at a specific day and time in the future.

Multiple Users

Maybe you have multiple locations or simply want to have multiple individuals manage your text marketing. With Text2VIP SMS software, you can create multiple user credentials and set specific permissions for each role.

Text Marketing Data Collection

Collect and store your customer’s e-mail addresses, names, and birthdays all through your SMS marketing campaigns. Send personalized messages addressing each by name if you would like to.

Robust SMS Reporting

The Text2VIP SMS platform's detailed messaging campaign analytics will show you what is working, where it’s working, and provide a road map to increases in ROI.

Zapier SMS API Integration

Zapier lets you connect Text2VIP with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and have more time for what matters most - no coding required.

Shuffle Responder

Something different for everyone. Utilize the Text2VIP Shuffle Responder to mix it up to keep your text marketing campaigns interesting by having multiple response messages alternate.

Yes/No Response

Text2VIP has a built in Yes/No response feature which can compile the interests and intent of your customers while providing them with customized follow up responses based upon their answers.

Text Message Coupons

Issue coupons via SMS and MMS messages and track redemption rates while eliminating redemption abuse by tracking usage and having redeemed coupons removed from circulation.