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Yogen Fruz Text Club

When it comes to text message marketing, many of us are well familiar with the process of opting-in for an immediate incentive offer.  While it's true that most of us enjoy the immediate gratification of most things, for some businesses, too many on-the-spot discounts can hurt cash flow. The Yogen Fruz Text Club drives customer re-visitation through SMS Marketing with Text2VIP.

After using an immediate discount offer to gain thousands of mobile club members, Yogen Fruz decided to try out a different approach.  Consumers who are opting in for their program for the first time still receive a response sms which entitles them to a $2 coupon--but instead of being valid that same day--the offer is valid for their next visit.  Utilizing Text2VIP's dynamic expiration date coding, the specific validation window is always between 4 and 6 days out, regardless of when the consumer opts-in.  This helps to retain the $ from current paying-intent consumers who are in the establishment already, but also incentivizes these consumers to participate in the program.  It's worth noting that if your customer avatar suggests that re-visitation patterns average every "10 days" for instance, by promoting the offer validation around 5 days from today, this offer also serves to pull forward customer re-visitation.

See the Yogen Fruz Text Club call to action and text in to view the future expiration date message flow.

The Yogen Fruz Call-To-Action