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Text Marketing Feedback Campaigns

Have you ever been in a retail setting and wish you could convey your ideas or opinions to ownership or management?  Maybe you don’t want it to take up your entire day or delay your meal, maybe you didn’t want to make a scene, worse yet…maybe there was no feasible avenue immediately available for you to do so.

If you are the business owner, the only thing worse than the consumer not getting to share their experience or comments with you… is the consumer sharing it instead, with others outside your establishment.

The La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grillo

La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill has taken a “fresh” approach to addressing this dilemma. In select locations, this brand has begun utilizing text marketing feedback campaigns and Text2VIP’s “Open Dialogue” to allow consumers the opportunity to provide invaluable feedback.  Through the use of text marketing feedback campaigns, consumers can quietly yet immediately convey whatever it is they wish.  Lastly, consumers confirmation text messages contain follow up contact points including customer service phone numbers.  This functions as a digital business card which the consumer can refer back to for follow up.

A smartphone screenshot showing La Salsa Fresh Mexican Grill's SMS Marketing Campaign using Text2VIP