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Text Marketing Feature - Split Testing

One of the many benefits of using Text Marketing, is the ability to easily craft concise messages and offers, and send them at varying iterations or collectively at once. While our e-mail inboxes are filled with a deluge of commercial mass-marketing these days, the personal nature of the text message still conveys a sense of personal communication irrespective of whom the text was sent from. In my opinion, most consumers still feel a sense of personal interaction with a brand when they are receiving a text from them.

Once a business or brand has successfully compiled a substantial opt-in database, the use of "Split or A/B testing" can be a useful tool in gauging the effectiveness of offers, time of delivery, and consumer engagement. Split testing in marketing is a method by which a baseline control sample is compared to a variety of other-variable test groups to measure the impact on response rates. Specifically in text marketing, variations of offers, redemption windows, and even content layout can result in varying response.

Take the example of "Joe's Cafe". Joe has 2,000 text message club members and might typically send out an offer along the lines of, "15% off a purchase of $50 or more". As with any marketing channel, response will likely fluctuate if this offer was sent back-to-back weeks. Maybe it's raining one week, or maybe there is a stock market event affecting consumer confidence another week. By splitting Joe's database and sending "10% off" to 1,000 members of his list  (group A) and simultaneously sending the other 1,000 members (group B) a "15% off" text offer, an opportunity is presented to see if a meaningful difference in the number of responses warrants adjusting future offers.  If an equal number of texts were redeemed in each of group A and group B, one could extrapolate that Joe needlessly gave an additional 5% discount to group B.

Incidentally, Amazon pioneered the use of split testing in the web e-commerce space.

Too often small business owners fall into the "rut" of marketing behaviors (sms, print, radio etc) which don't shed light on consumer influence and behavior. Mixing it up, evaluating the response, then re-targeting is one of the regular practices employed by savvy business owners.  Split testing is a great Text Marketing feature to accomplish this.