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SMS Marketing Examples

I received a couple of pictures from two Text2VIP clients a few minutes apart yesterday. The contrast and juxtaposition grabbed my attention. One photo is a screen grab from a professional sporting event, the other, an independent carpet cleaner. The former uses mobile to engage thousands of spectators simultaneously, the ladder to speak with a single prospect at a time. In the next 10 days, the New Jersey LPGA event on the East Coast will host 40,000 fans, by contrast, the California based small business owner might harvest 3 new carpet cleaning customers. I believe these various SMS Marketing Examples illustrate how the ubiquitous nature of SMS effectively serves across all markets, and communicates with audiences - both large and small.

A photo of a carpet, furniture, and tile cleaning vehicle; with a Text2VIP opt-in graphic wrap.
The LPGA website showing a Text2VIP Opt-in.