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SMS Marketing Activates Media Buys

We've often touched on the value that SMS Marketing can bring when added to otherwise "traditional" media. This week, one of our text message marketing clients, Subway, took this to heart by incorporating an SMS call to action in their newspaper ad.

An image illustrating a Subway VIP club Call-To-Action using Text2VIP's SMS Marketing platform.

Considering that the average text message remains on the mobile device an average of 21 days in the U.S. before being deleted, Subway's text message coupon stands a much greater chance of drawing attention in the days to come -- substantially greater, than the alternative "clip-out" coupon that gets buried in the pants pocket and ends up in the washing machine spin cycle. In addition, consumers will always have access to the coupon since their mobile is with them at all times.  Maybe most importantly, SMS Marketing Activates Media Buys as well.