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Pfizer SMS Campaign

There are many steps and processes pharma companies must take before acquiring FDA approval. Often times when introducing a new medication this entails conducting a clinical drug trial whereby a select group of individual's progress can be monitored and documented to affirm the company's assertions of the drug's effectiveness. Recruiting subjects can prove challenging. The Pfizer SMS Campaign has helped reach their audience and generate response.

By incorporating an SMS advertising call-to-action across radio channels in various target markets, prospective participants can take action by texting in, then reviewing the contact information in their return SMS and reach out when it's more convenient or when they have more privacy to do so. Specifically in this campaign targeted at Teenagers who smoke, at least a portion of these individuals are hearing the radio spot in a car being driven by a parent. In some instances the parent may not even be aware their child is a smoker. Employing an SMS vs "call us now" approach, provides the teen the opportunity to secure more information on ending their smoking activities-before sitting down with their parent to discuss.

One of their 30 second radio spots using the Pfizer SMS campaign can be heard by clicking below:
Pfizer Smoking Campaign