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Measuring Text Marketing ROI

For Text2VIP clients in the brick-and-mortar world, it's not at all uncommon to witness the response on the part of guests or customers when a text offer has been sent.  In fact, we've had some of our text marketing clients mention that it's almost comical how quickly their consumers will respond at times.  For these clients it can be fairly easy measuring text marketing ROI, or Return on Investment.  For those clients who conduct their transactions via their website, however, the effect is not always quite so obvious.

When we were curious to further explore our ability to affect traffic for our e-commerce clients, we partnered with an independent analytics firm.  The task was to measure whatever analytics could be ascertained, and as it turns out, there were plenty.  After choosing one of our national e-commerce clients Bare Feet Shoes, text messages were sent to their large database of opted-in consumers.  These text club members received SMS which contained specific links which were able to report back a myriad of behaviors including: Who clicked the link vs not, how much time the guest spent on the landing page, how many additional pages were visited, and most importantly, what the purchase result was.

The results from measuring text marketing ROI were quite compelling. So much so that they were published by a leading media outlet, considered to be an authority in Mobile Marketing.  To read the article and summary of statistics, click here.