Importing SMS Contacts

Already have a list of opted-in text marketing contacts? Easily import your contacts into your new Text2VIP SMS software account.

In addition to importing phone numbers, Text2VIP provides you the ability to include additional meta-data such as customer names and corresponding e-mail addresses.

Why would I include names when importing?

Using Text2VIP’s mail merge feature when sending a SMS or picture/video message provides the ability to address each message recipient by name.

This personalization always goes a long way toward making your customers feel appreciated and special!

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The process to import your existing contact database only takes a few minutes and then you’ll be on your way.

From inside your Text2VIP account you simply download a one time signature page indicating your business has permission to message the mobile numbers you are about to import.

This is considered the industry standard and keeps your business compliant with mobile industry requirements.

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How Importing Contacts Works

1. Begin by logging in to your Text2VIP account, select “Add/Import Contacts” from under the “Collect” Tab.

You will now have the ability to add individual contacts to a phone list OR upload a .CSV file containing a list of mobile numbers.

2. Next, after uploading your file you will be asked to check a box indicating you understand the anti-spam regulations.

3. Finally, select which columns of data you would like to import i.e. mobile number, first name, email. Our mapping feature makes this very simple for you.

Congrats! You are now ready to begin sending SMS and MMS to your opt-in list of contacts.

A Helpful Video Guide to Importing Contacts

This 3-minute video walks you through how to add/import contacts into your Text2VIP account.

In the event you have any questions or need assistance, you can always reach our client success team by calling 888-813-TEXT, contacting your Text2VIP account manager, or using our website chat feature.

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