Drip SMS Marketing Campaigns

Automate your customer’s entire SMS interaction and experience with intelligent SMS Drip Campaigns

What are Drip Text Marketing Campaigns?

A Text2VIP Drip SMS Marketing campaign is a well planned road map for your customer’s SMS experience with your brand.  Drip SMS campaigns allow you to structure specific messages to be sent at specified increments based upon the timing and behavior of your customers’ actions or inactions.

For example messages can be automatically dispatched to remind customers that they haven’t completed their purchase, or simply thanking them for having done so.

These can include behaviors such as whether or not the customer has:

  • Recently completed a survey
  • Clicked on a link in your SMS campaign
  • Redeemed a coupon code you gave them
  • Texted a keyword for your business

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The Benefits of Drip Text Marketing Campaigns

Follow Up Messaging

Customers will text your SMS campaign at all hours, using a Drip SMS Campaign flow allows you to set it and forget it.

Consistent Messaging

You’ve got a business to run! Using a Text2VIP SMS Drip Campaign will free you from having to identify which customer is in which buying cycle.

Meet Customer Needs

Asking a customer to review your business or product – at the right time – can be just as important as the request itself!

Spark Repurchasing

Use your client repurchase experience to trigger the next automated message at the exact best time to capitalize on the opportunity.

Insights & Analytics

See which triggers and which follow up automated actions are met with the most effective response, then adjust and repeat.

Brand Engagement

Communicate with customers in casual conversation fashion instead of only messaging when heading into holiday sales and promotions.

How Businesses are Using Drip Text Marketing Campaigns

Clothing Boutiques and Retailers

Bring their brand front-of-mind for consumers through well planned Drip SMS Campaigns by:

  • Sending reminders to those who haven’t purchased yet
  • Identifying customers exactly where they are in the buying cycle
  • Collect e-mail and feedback information

Manage Employee Communication

Just a few ways Businesses and Churches currently utilize the Text2VIP Drip Text Campaign feature include…

  • Sending periodic reminders of company policies and procedures
  • Encouraging parishioners to participate in surveys
  • Send pre scheduled Bible passages and prayer requests

Restaurants and Fast Casuals

Notify guests of secret menu items and oft overlooked gems

  • Send timely messages to ask for feedback post purchase
  • Request reviews with links to apps like Yelp
  • Randomly reward guests who’ve taken requested action

Frequently Asked Questions about 2-Way Text Messaging

No! All Text2VIP features are included on every plan.

You can set up a SMS Drip Campaign with as few as 1 single trigger, or dozens.

At every step of the customer lifecycle you can see exact percentages of action and drop offs to allow you to better your message schedule.

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