2-Way Text Messaging Software

Engage customers, supporters, and attendees through the use of 2-Way Texting with Text2VIP!

What is 2-Way Text Messaging?

Text2VIP’s 2-Way Text Messaging Feature gives business owners and organization leaders the ability to allow individuals to message the Text2VIP account holder.  Incoming response messages are displayed on the Text2VIP dashboard inbox.

Once read, the business owner (or marketing manager etc) may choose to simply reply to that individual’s message via the same number.

By allowing the consumer to communicate in this most convenient way, brands are able to:

  • Boost Customer Experience
  • Create personal connections
  • Improve service response time
  • Gain valuable consumer feedback via SMS

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The Benefits of 2-Way Text Messaging

Candid Feedback

The vast majority of business owners would prefer to learn of customer satisfaction issues via private messaging versus dissatisfied customers taking to social media platforms to air their opinions for all to see.

Consumer Convenience

SMS is the most ubiquitous method of communication today. Consumers are texting at a much higher volume than calling or e-mailing. Our 2-Way SMS Feature provides the communication tool consumers favor the most.

Appointment Reminders

Use our 2-Way texting feature to send reminders to make sure clients don’t miss appointments and provide an easy way for them to notify your staff and reschedule when needed.

Improve Response Time

2-Way SMS allows businesses to have instant conversations with consumers, with SMS open rates far exceeding e-mail open rates.

Employee Communication

From shift changes to weather alerts affecting operational hours to general staff internal communication to links and reminders from HR…SMS is the answer.

Send and Receive MMS

Hundreds of businesses use the Text2VIP two-way SMS feature to send and receive images. Issue with a customer’s product? Snapping a photo and texting it to customer service is seamless and easy.

How Businesses are Using 2-Way Text Messaging Software

Send Customer Order Updates

Text2VIP’s 2-Way SMS feature allows businesses to update customers…

  • Shipping and Tracking Confirmation
  • Back in stock updates
  • Customer satisfaction feedback

Personalize Guest Interactions

Send 1-to-1 SMS messages which address customers by their first name

“Mr Jones, your table for 4 is ready”

“Linda please text us a photo of the damaged product”

“Jane Clark thanks for replying we’ve noted your RSVP”

Keep Employees Informed and Updated

2-Way SMS helps businesses of all kinds looking for an efficient way to communicate with team members.

If anyone is interested in working the a.m. shift tomorrow please reply”

“Reminder from H.R.: surveys are due on Friday”

“Please join us for Bob’s retirement ceremony at 4pm today!”

Frequently Asked Questions about 2-Way Text Messaging

Never! All 2-Way SMS messages are sent from your Text2VIP number so that your private phone number remains private!

Your Text2VIP 2-Way message inbox features a separate line for each conversation, similar to your e-mail inbox and just as easy to use!

Absolutely! You have the option to set your 2-Way SMS feature to text or e-mail you anytime a new message is in your inbox.

Easy! You have the option to create any number of message template responses which can be automatically sent as a reply.

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