text message marketing for musicians

Text Message Marketing for Musicians

So you’re a musician and the gigs are starting to roll in. Awesome!

Now you need a way to for you or your band to stay in touch with the crowd from every show so you’re not “Dust in the Wind”.

In the business world this is called “retention”.

Retention is important to be focusing on as a musician because a higher fan base retention means they will engage with your music more. Fans will also spend more money over time with you and tell more of their friends about you.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a list of your biggest fans that you can reach DIRECTLY when you have a new album that you’re about to drop? What if you’re just about to receive a new shipment of merchandise and want to move some old inventory quickly?

Text message marketing for musicians can solve both of those problems and many more.

How Does Text Message Marketing For Musicians Work?

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Text marketing for musicians is broken down into two parts:

1.) The Opt-In

2.) The Messaging

The Opt-In

text message marketing for musicians flyer

Here is where your fans will subscribe to be members of your text list.

This is the most important part of the process as text message marketing is permission-based. This means the subscriber must give consent before you can text them.

There are a few different ways for fans to subscribe to your text list:

Keyword Opt-In

A keyword is a dedicated word that allows them to consent to text marketing and also adds them to your contact list. Fans will text the keyword to a dedicated phone number to opt them in.

QR Code Opt-In

Text2VIP has the ability to generate a QR code that your fans can scan with their smartphone camera. All they have to do is tap the number in the bubble on their camera, hit “send” and they’re done!

This is a frictionless experience for your crowd, so at a packed venue it makes for an easier way to gain a lot of text subscribers quickly

Below is an example of a flyer that you could put out at your venues to encourage opt ins. It contains the two ways mentioned above to collect subscribers. Text the keyword to the number or scan the QR code with your smart phone to see it in action first-hand! Seriously, give it a try.

Web Form Opt-In

You can have a pop-up or separate page for viewers to enter their phone numbers and they can then be subscribed to your text list.

You should be using all methods to collect subscribers so that you can grow your text fan base at a faster rate.

The Messaging


Once you start collecting some fans to your VIP text list, it’s time to send out your messages to them.

There can be all kinds of content you can send out, such as:

Tour/Show Updates

Let your subscribers know what days/cities you will be coming to or what shows you won’t be able to make.

Music Drops

These are your biggest fans! Give them a heads up on when your newest songs are releasing and where they can go to listen!


Let your fans know when you have blowout sales, holiday promotions, and new drops. You can even throw some free exclusive gear their way just for being awesome.


Everyone could use a pick-me-up now and then. Maybe throw a lyric out that has some meaning behind it that may make someone’s day.

Text Message Marketing for Musicians Software

text message marketing for musicians software

We know as musicians, you have a lot on your plate. The last thing you need is to be thrown into a new software with no idea how to use it or a plan to implement it.

Here is how we help:

1-on-1 training

We want to ensure everyone using the software is comfortable and understands its operation. It’s as easy as posting on Facebook, but we like to walk our users through it first-hand and be there for you from Day 1. We help create your Keyword with you and show you how to send out your first messages.

Dedicated Toll-Free Number

This will be a unique phone number specifically to you or your band. Mobile carriers are removing shared numbers, so if another company is trying to give you a 5-digit number and not charge you $500-2,000 for it, you are being put on a shared code. That number will be shut down in the near future. Our dedicated toll-free numbers come at no cost to you!

Promotional Material

Our in-house design team will create your own flyers like the one above that will reflect your Keyword and toll-free number and can be printed to display at every venue you’re playing at. We also generate your QR code that can be placed on those flyers to enable a frictionless opt-in method.

Unlimited Support

Most text companies won’t give you the support you need unless you spend an arm and a leg with them. We help all of our customers to ensure you all see success because if your band is successful, then we are successful.

How To Get Started

get started

Hopefully, by now you can see that text message marketing for musicians can be a great solution to further fuel your growth!

To get started, you only need a phone/computer, internet, and an account at Text2VIP.

We can’t help you with the first two, but we can give you a 14-day FREE trial to see how our software works.

We will walk you through a strategy specifically for you and even create your flyers so that you can start collecting contacts as quickly as possible.

You can also subscribe to our newsletter, where we talk about all things related to text message marketing and customer retention.

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