digital marketing vs mobile marketing

Digital Marketing vs. Mobile Marketing

“Digital marketing vs. mobile marketing, which do I choose?”

If you’ve found yourself asking this question, you’ve come to the right place!

These two channels are complimentary, just as customer acquisition and retention are. The strategy that best fits your business depends on what you see as the next step for your company.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing uses online mediums to create brand awareness and sell a good or service. Digital marketing is not one particular channel but a collection of tracks simultaneously.

Digital marketing makes up the customer acquisition side of your business, which means you are taking people unfamiliar with your company down the road to becoming a customer.

What Are Common Digital Marketing Channels?

As I previously mentioned, multiple channels can make up a digital marketing strategy. Below are some of the most common media.


SEO or search engine optimization is creating content and structuring your website so that search engines will rank your site in the top searches. SEO can be pretty daunting, and many factors help you rank well in SEO. How quickly your website loads, backlinks to your website from other sites, and how relevant your content is to your niche are all accounted for in Google’s ranking algorithm. For example, our website would not rank well if we were writing about fitness instead of marketing.


PPC or pay-per-click ads are just what the name implies. You pay for each click a customer executes. These ads will target specific high purchase-intent keywords. The most common place PPC ads occur is on Google. Text2VIP is a text message software company. If we were to pay for ads on Google, we would want to pay for “text message marketing software” or “SMS marketing software.” Someone searching for these keywords is more likely to purchase our software or sign up for a free trial vs. someone looking up “customer retention in the restaurant industry.” Our software applies in both scenarios but solves the first searcher’s problem better.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has two layers within itself: paid and organic. Paid social media uses ads on the social media platform to target more specific audiences or get your message out to the maximum number of people on your budget. 

Organic social media marketing posts content on social media channels to gain followers/customers organically. Using specific platforms where your ideal audience resides is best vs. posting over all social media channels. For example, when selling a service to higher-up executives, you’ll be much better off focusing on LinkedIn vs. using TikTok to reach your target audience.

Top Useful Tools for Digital Marketing

Having many different channels means you could have all kinds of tools to help your digital marketing strategy. Here are just a few of the ones I found most helpful:


Canva is design software that allows you to create/edit photos that you can use on many different platforms, from Facebook posts to Instagram pictures to blog pictures. They have a free plan that can be useful for any company. Their paid version is also worth every penny.


Semrush is a tool designed to help your website SEO. It provides a great way to see what keywords are not competitive so you can create content around them. It will also show how your website compares to your competitors. There are many other features inside Semrush, but these are the most useful.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is the strategy of creating marketing campaigns targeted specifically at mobile device users. These mobile devices can be cell phones, smartphones, and tablets. Mobile marketing has channels to target users differently than digital marketing.

Mobile marketing is best for the customer retention aspect of a business. In this, you already have your customer’s information and are marketing to them repeatedly.

What Are Common Mobile Marketing Channels?

Many digital marketing strategies apply to mobile marketing, but others precisely fit into mobile marketing. For example, you will want to make your website mobile-friendly. If you are doing SEO for your site, your results will also transfer over to mobile users. What are the other channels?

SMS Marketing

SMS or text message marketing is not just the best mobile marketing strategy but one of the best marketing strategies overall. Text marketing is just as it sounds; you send text messages to your customers’ cell phones. Text messages have 98% open rates, which means that essentially everyone reads every text they receive. 90% of users read their texts within 3-5 minutes, which means people read their text messages almost instantly. These statistics are enormous for marketing as you can reach your ideal customers at the right time and know they will read your messaging.

Email Marketing

Email is another good marketing strategy, as they have a 20-30% open rate. Although that may be substantially less than text messages, it is still a considerable number regarding marketing statistics. Some people still live through their email inboxes, so you may also want to target them.

Mobile Applications

Some businesses create mobile applications for their users to use. These apps can encourage spending by providing a loyalty program where the more customers spend, the more they get back from the company. Starbucks has an excellent mobile app and loyalty program.

Top Useful Tools for Mobile Marketing


As one of the first SMS marketing software, Text2VIP has helped thousands of businesses bring in millions of dollars by marketing to customers via text message. We have no contracts because we believe in letting our product speak for itself by providing results. We give you all the tools to make your business successful right out of the gate, from thorough up-front training to marketing materials. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial or learn a little about how text message marketing works.


MailChimp was the pioneer for email marketing and has created an easy-to-use email building and sending software that is easy for any business owner to use. If you are looking to send longer form content directly to your customers that isn’t too urgent, email is a great solution. You can build a Newsletter where you keep customers up to date on everything in your industry. You can also use your email as a sales tool to generate more income. Both can be useful in your marketing efforts.


As I mentioned, digital marketing brings customers into your business. Mobile marketing is more about keeping those customers around and getting them to spend more money over time.

Our research points to increasing customer lifetime value (customer retention) as the most important. If you can increase your company’s customer retention by 5%, you can increase profits by 25-95%.

Some businesses can acquire customers through digital channels. Still, mobile marketing channels are the best way to stay in touch with those customers to encourage them to purchase from you again and again.

In this sense, mobile marketing is a superior marketing strategy and one that almost every business needs to implement.

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