Acquire new customers with text message marketing

How to Acquire New Customers with Text Message Marketing

The first step to getting new customers with text message marketing is to create a Text2VIP account, which is easy since we offer a free trial of our SMS marketing platform, trusted by companies like Clif Bar and Kind Snacks for their text marketing needs. Once we’ve got that out of the way the next step is to acquire new SMS marketing subscribers.

Getting New Customers with Text Message Marketing

In order to acquire new customers with text marketing, you generally have to offer an incentive for them to send you an SMS message and opt into your text marketing service. Most often this entails offering an incentive in the form of advertising a special offer that people can only respond to by SMS, and usually involves inviting consumers to text a “keyword” to a toll-free number in return for a coupon or special offer.

When consumers respond to your advertisement, they receive a coupon, redeem the coupon, but most importantly they are now subscribed to your database making them eligible to receive future SMS from your business. You have probably seen many examples of how companies acquire new customers with text message marketing using this method. This method works well provided that you have an easy-to-remember keyword, and that the instructions are clear.

Keywords and Toll-Free Numbers

Keywords have to be instantly memorable. Potential customers may be passing a billboard in a car when they notice your advertisement or may hear it on the radio when they do not have their cellphones on hand. Research has shown that people will forget or confuse difficult keywords within five seconds. Consequently, the best keywords to use are short, familiar, and only use the twenty-six letters in the alphabet (no numbers or special characters). Businesses will be provided a toll-free number to use that is separate from their personal number.

The most common method for our clients is sharing a toll-free number which we provide at no additional cost. Keywords are what differentiates which SMS marketing campaign the subscriber is opting into. There are enough words in the English language to communicate a special deal in more than one way.

Where to Advertise your Keywords and Toll-Free Numbers

If you are trying to acquire new customers with text message marketing, your keywords and toll-free numbers should be advertised everywhere. Businesses that have a brick-and-mortar presence should advertise their keywords and toll-free numbers inside of their premises. “In-store, on-demand coupons” have a redemption rate of between 70% and 80% – nearly twice the redemption rate of “out-of-store” coupons, and up to eight times the redemption rate of coupons attached to emails.

You can attract further sign-ups by adding “Click-to-Join” widgets to your website and advise followers of your SMS marketing service via any social media channels you use. If you are advertising in print, on the radio, or on TV, adding a keyword call-to-action is a great way to leverage your existing marketing spend while also providing detailed insight on the ROI of your spend in those traditional media channels.

Use SMS Messages as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Attracting new customers with SMS marketing can be easy, but text message marketing should be part of an integrated marketing strategy to get the best results. SMS marketing allows you to bridge multiple communications channels and, as your database of customers grows, you will be able to identify the sources of your new customers and increase your resources in those areas.

The final tip for attracting new customers with SMS marketing is to keep monitoring your responses, review your spikes in engagement and your churn rate (the percentage at which customers opt-out of your service). Then adjust your text message marketing campaign as necessary. It could be that a different keyword would help you acquire new customers with text message marketing, or you may have to change your incentive for attracting new customers with SMS marketing.

Text2VIP Has the Text Marketing Tools You Need

With over 10 years of experience in the text message marketing industry, our support team is available 7 days per week to assist you in identifying a potentially strong keyword, as well as assist with the best strategies on how to craft an initial incentive offer. Start your free SMS marketing trial with Text2VIP today!

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