Text Message Marketing Pricing

All Text Message Marketing Pricing Plans include ALL Text2VIP Platform Features Including our Exclusive VIRAL CAMPAIGNS!
Each Text Marketing package includes ROLLOVER of unused messages. Text Credits Never Expire!
*Franchisees of Dominos Pizza, Chick-fil-A, Pita Pit, Saladworks, Subway, Elevation Burger:
Please call us for your brand’s negotiated group pricing program.
$25 Monthly
750 Messages Monthly
Unused Messages Rollover
Free Incoming Messages
1 Keyword
$50 Monthly
2,000 Messages Monthly
Unused Messages Rollover
Free Incoming Messages
4 Keywords
Includes Viral Feature
$200 Monthly
10,000 Messages Monthly
Unused Messages Rollover
Free Incoming Messages
10 Keywords
Includes Viral Feature
$375 Monthly
25,000 Messages Monthly
Unused Messages Rollover
Free Incoming Messages
Includes Viral Feature

Text Message Marketing Pricing – Common Questions

* What Does Free Rollover messaging mean?
Each month on the anniversary of your account sign up, your account receives a deposit for the number of messages included in your plan. But many of our clients use varying amounts of messages from month-to-month based upon weather, holidays, and seasonal traffic. Rest assured knowing that none of the unused messages in your plan will ever go to waste. They remain in your account for future use and never expire. This is NOT typically the case with other SMS Marketing Providers.

* Do you charge for Incoming Messages?
No. Your account is only ever debited for those which are OUTGOING MESSAGES. Examples of Incoming messages are when someone texts your keyword to join your club, or if they respond to a text you’ve sent them. There is also no cost for UNSUBSCRIBING messages when someone opts-out of your list.

* What are Keywords?
A Keyword is a unique term (letters and/or numbers) that people can text to join your text club. Essentially, your customer texts your KEYWORD (e.g. Pizza or Pats Subs) to the number 81680. When they do so they are automatically added to your list of contacts.

*Unlimited Contacts & Groups
Regardless of which Text2VIP Plan you’re on, your text marketing account can have as many phone lists and groups as you’d like.

* Do you offer pre-pay discounts?
Yes. Though you’ll never have to sign a contract with Text2VIP, if you choose to pre-pay for a year, you’ll save 10%.

* Do you offer free support?
Yes. Our Client Service Team understands that our Powerful SMS Platform is only effective when you can fully utilize it’s benefits and features. Our toll free phone lines and chat are active 9am-9pm Eastern Time. Our e-mail support is 24x7x365.